A Whole Handful!

Oh my goodness, my baby is 5! She showed me on her fingers yesterday and said "I'm a whole hand!" It was the sweetest thing ever - as is she. I just love her.
We took her 5 year old pictures, and she is not camera shy. 

 (I think this one is my favorite ^)

It just seems so impossible at every birthday that she could be getting bigger and older and less a baby. Her beauty and sweetness squeeze my mommy heart. I will post about her birthday party and I hope to do a stats post as well. But for now let me just say that Todd and I are the luckiest parents in the world and could not be more blessed. At the risk of being "heavy" - we realized a few weeks ago that it was the anniversary of our miscarriage. We looked at each other and almost at the same time said "I'd rather have Carolina." We love her so.

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