Easter 2013

I have nearly no recollection of what we did during spring break before Utah - mostly I was doing chores and errands and getting things ready so that when we came back we would be ready for Easter the next day.
Happy kids on Easter morning!

 It would be a holiday unless somebody got sick, so of course Todd woke up super early that morning with tummy troubles and the kids and I headed to church alone, and somewhat late, then Carolina wouldn't have it in the nursery (which was unusual, but probably a good thing...) so she hung out with Papa, Grandma, and I in church - needless to say, I don't remember a whole lot of the sermon ;) Weeks ago when we first started talking about Easter, Liam announced he knew that Easter was when the Easter bunny brought you lots of candy. After a couple of chats and many reads through Berenstain Bears and the Easter Story, he had it figured out and was ready to tell his Sunday School class that Easter was about Jesus dying and coming back to life to save us :)
After church, Todd was feeling better and headed out to the grandparents with us for brunch... but first pictures!

It was a perfect, sunny, gorgeous, day - but verrry bright for pictures - and pouting took place...
Lots of pictures like this happened...

After biscuits and gravy, and lemon ricotta pancakes with strawberries - we were full and ready to hunt eggs.

And you can't go to Grandma and Papa's without a few spins around the house in the Jeep! A very good-looking couple I must say :)

Later that evening Carolina threw up a couple times - I still don't know if it was that she had whatever Todd had, or it was just too many jelly beans (she immediately opened her eggs and ate all of them).

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