Easters Past

Because I'm in a very nostalgic mood lately for memories of my kiddos as teeny tiny people...

2009 Easter: Liam, Age 0 + a little more

2010 Easter: Liam, Age 1

2011 Easter: Liam, Age 2 + a little more

2012 Easter: Liam, Age 3; Carolina, Age + a little more (church fountain pic taken the next week)

2013 Easter: Liam, Age 4; Carolina, Age 1 (I know we got a family pic, but I guess I didn't post it, dangit)

2014 Easter: Liam, Age 5; Carolina, Age 2 + church fountain pic

2015 Easter: Liam, Age 6; Carolina, Age 3

2016 Easter: Liam, Age 7; Carolina, Age 4

Shucks! I was sure I had a family picture in front of the church fountain for every Easter since Liam was born! I'm irritated that I don't, but I'm still hopeful that maybe I do have one and I just didn't post it because I didn't like the pic or something.
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