One-Year House-iversary!

It's somewhat hard to believe we've been here a year! The house has certainly come a long way - a lot farther than what we got done in 1 (or 3) years in the last house. Because I like to make lists and see what I've checked off of them..
Here's what we accomplished in Year 1:
- Painted living/dining/kitchen/hallways
- Painted Master Bath
- Painted Master Bedroom
- Painted Liam's Bedroom
- Planted garden
- Installed screen door (to backyard)
- Added roses and misc. flower bushes (front and backyard)
- Installed fountain (to backyard)
{Not without help!}

Here's what we realistically hope to do in Year 2:
- Remove garage window "designs"
- New front door (with window)
- New entry way light fixture
- Paint kitchen cabinets
- Paint office
- Paint Carolina's room (depending on if/when she is done with her crib)
Probably unrealistically (monetarily)...
- New kitchen flooring (wood/wood laminate)
- New kitchen backsplash tile
- New fireplace tile

We are SO happy we live in this house, in this neighborhood - still in this area of Nampa. It's pretty perfect for us. Even though it's costing us more a little more a month, it's so worth it to be in a house that we don't constantly view as temporary or unsatisfactory or even potentially unsafe. As if we weren't homebodies before, we feel like we are more-so now!
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