S I X!

My sweetest preciousest babiest of girls turns 6 today. SIX! How can this be? Why is it so different with the oldest and youngest kids?! With Liam it's just shocking whenever he turns a year older yet makes sense somehow, but with Carolina it's heartbreaking and sob-inducing. Can't she just be small forever?! Oh, there I go again with the water-works. 
I put off facing this birthday and you can kind of tell in the picture quality, especially after I looked at last year's pics - ha! We are also putting off a friend party for a few more weeks - but will celebrate informally with family tonight.
 She is sweetness and light with a very bossy-sassy smarty-pants side. She will cuddle you one minute and HMPH! at you the next. She loves her Bun-Bun more than anything but will play Lego battles all day with her brother. She loves to play in mud and take long baths. She loves to play outside, color/paint/craft, bake with mom, play in a sink of soapy water, and watch Lord of the Rings with dad, or play guns with the boys. She knows she's very smart.
 She's the tallest girl in her kindergarten class (and taller than a few of my 2nd graders). She loves everything about school except when there is indoor recess.
 She would always go to the grandparents or have friends over if given the choice, but she can be alone and play, sing, and talk to herself for hours.
This tree here, she loves nothing more than to climb it, it gives her father heart palpitations.
Sweet Carolina, we love you!


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