Project: Bedroom Refresh

Usually, in the summer I get the bug to update some part of my house... well this year I tried to focus on just cleaning and organizing the whole house (which, I'm happy to say I did!... except the bonus room - not my territory). But finishing my "job" left me with nothing to do housewise, and itching for more. And then friends and family decided to move or update their houses... and I just couldn't resist. I know we need a new mattress, but then that leaves me with thinking maybe I should get a new bed, and then I'll need new nightstands to match, then the rest of my furniture won't go either, etc etc. If you give a mouse a cookie... So instead I decided to flip the mattress and stick with it a little longer - and did a few minimal things to make my bedroom feel refreshed without needing all-new-everything. And I LOVE it! I'm glad that it doesn't take a whole lot for me to feel satisfied with the results. 

I found a great new duvet at West Elm and a cute pillow from Target. The pillow was the luckiest find, it ties all of the furniture in my room together with the bed now. I moved the mirror from the living room above the bed and got some new bedside lamps that are just more modern and leave me with more table space.

Here I just moved some things from around my house to place on top of the chest as well as on the wall above. And added a basket for me to throw whatever stuff I usually have piling up around the bedroom. 

The green chair actually makes sense in this room now with the new throw pillow and some more greenery I added with plants.

This is probably the least impressive to move people. But to me this is HUGE. It took me a good half day to clean this whole thing off, go through all the books, get rid of some, reorganize the others and style the shelves so they didn't just look like a used book store . 

Here's what my bedroom used to look like. It was cute, but actually I got tired of the gray & yellow color scheme a while ago and took most of that stuff out, so it hasn't looked like this in a couple of years. It's been pretty bland. I didn't have to spend that much to feel like I got a brand new bedroom and I'm so pleased :) 
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