A few of my favorite [summer] things... Part 2

I really enjoyed doing this last year... and many of the things from that list still applied to this summer, but some have changed, and some I could've had on the list last year but didn't! So for the fun of it... 10 more items for my Favorite Summer Things: Part 2!

1. SunCloud sunglasses - I love polarized sunglasses, and my other SunCloud glasses I like, but the aviator style lets too much light in from the top. So when we were at the Mast General Store in Hendersonville (of all places) I randomly found this new style and I haven't worn any other sunglasses since. These are the most comfortable sunglasses ever - they are light and flexible while still being very sturdy and are definitely nice quality.

2. Cinnamon Dolce Syrup - I somehow buy more Starbucks during the summer than when I'm working, I always assume I'll  do better because I'm "home"... except I don't stay home. So anyway, I bought a bottle of this when it was on sale at Starbucks and it's made my at home iced americanos so much better! (Frankly, sometimes better than Starbucks).

3.  Reef flip-flops - I bought a pair of these several years ago and have loved them to pieces so ordered a new pair and have basically worn them every day. I tried OluKai flip flops which have more support, but they are so much heavier. Reef are the lightest flips with the most support around.

4. Lou & Grey tee - Another piece of my summer uniform are these tee-shirts. They are SO comfy and cute, and I love them. I got one, wore it like crazy and then got a second one. DON'T buy it unless it's at least 40% off - Loft is almost always one of these sales, and I bet pretty soon these will be in the clearance section. I might need a third one.

5. Mossimo shorts - I think I discovered these shorts a few years ago, but this year - in my huge clothing purge - I realized that they are my favorite shorts. They just fit me best - Old Navy and Gap ones bug me because they either ride up, or don't sit at my waist right. So, that's it.

6. Nightgown - Jen bought me this Target nightgown for my birthday and I've worn it as many nights as possible this summer. It is SO comfortable and nice-looking. I don't feel at all weird wearing it around the family. I've been stalking these in the store for a sale so I have an excuse to buy another one!

7. Peppermint & Wild Orange DoTerra oils - These two oils have been my favorite to diffuse this summer - the peppermint feels cooling and the wild orange just has such a fresh, summer smell - and they both make me feel energized!

8. Origins mask - The weather has been so so dry this summer, my skin has never looked this dry in the summer or winter before, so I bought the small size of this moisturizing mask and I really love it. I sleep in it and my skin kind of glows in the morning. It's notable too that I have oily skin, and dryness doesn't seem like an issue - so typically I don't use much moisturizer or oil on my skin, but I have broken out so badly this summer, and now I think that's why!

9. Tea Pigs Licorice & Mint - I am NOT a tea person... I try to be... and if it's been southern-sweetened, or it's from Starbucks I will enjoy it.. but usually, no. And NEVER hot tea. However, I have found a favorite! It sounds weird, but it's SO good - and somehow super sweet!

10. Pineapple necklace - This is my last, but not at all least, favorite thing. My tiny gold pineapple necklace that Todd bought me at the Maui Ocean Center last summer for our 12th anniversary. I have worn it basically every day this summer without taking it off (except when it got a knot in it and a jeweler had to fix it for me). This pineapple certainly wasn't as expensive as the one in the link, but it looks EXACTLY like it - and it is gold, and the pendant was purchased alone and then a chain to go with it. I love this necklace.

 In my giant house declutter/clean/reorganizing project I got rid of a LOT, I mean a lot, of stuff - clothes, toiletries, shoes... stuff I didn't need or want anymore. I sold as much of it as I could, donated a bunch, and going to put the rest of it in an upcoming neighborhood garage sale. I am one of those people that cleaning their house also cleans our their mind. There's probably a name for that, but I don't know what it is. I haven't read that "Magic of Tidying Up" book - but I have read reviews, and basically got the gist of it - and it sounds wonderful. I'm trying to fins the things that I love and that work for me and stick with them, and not feel like I just need more or different all the time. Of course the problem is that I do so love to shop :) I should probably work on that next.

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