6, Liam is

My boy turned 6 today!
Last night I went back through his BIRTHday pictures and actually didn't cry - I was hard to remember what it was like to hold him as a baby. Which is sad in it's own way, but happy that I am in the now.
Today Liam had a new Star Wars shirt waiting for him in this room and a birthday doughnut with a candle to blow out this morning before school. Then in his lunch he had a Lunchable (which are so horrible, but he had been asking for one forever!), he also brought his birthday treat to school - which he picked out - Hostess HoHo's (again ew, but it's a special day), and he got to purple today (better than good behavior card) which meant he got another treat! Tonight I made his new favorite and most requested dinner - breakfast sandwiches - fresh buttered toasted bread, cheddar, bacon, and a fried egg. I think he was treated out after that, because he was kindly given a Coldstone Creamery gift card, but wasn't really interested in making that a priority... maybe tomorrow :) He opened his present from Todd and I, and his present from Carolina, and his cards. He's picked what he wants to do this evening - video games with Todd!
What a sweet, friendly, loving boy he is - we are blessed!


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