Pin of the Week: Jalapeno Popper Pizza

This was prompted by a couple of things: 1) I had tried a couple slices of different versions of this type of pizza, and it intrigued me, 2) I found some pre-made thin-crust pizza crusts at Target, less than 400 calories per whole crust, 3) I was craving something a little naughty - and figured cream cheese and bacon would do the trick.
last piece, I shouldn't have eaten it, but you know I did.
I have pinned a couple different recipes for a jalapeno popper pizza, but I worked from this one. I believe the recipe calls for you to mix onion and garlic into the cream cheese then spread it - but I had neither the onion, nor the time for this - so I spread cream cheese (about half a package) on my thin crust and then sprinkled some garlic powder on top. Next sprinkled some mozzarella, not much - maybe half a cup, then 2 sliced fresh jalapenos (might have been a bit much), sprinkled the chopped up bacon I cooked (half a package, leftover from breakfast the other day - didn't need any sausage), then added a little more cheese on top, pepper jack this time - in case it wasn't spicy enough. (With the other thin crust I made the kids a regular old cheese pizza, which I'm sure they appreciated.)
It was really good! It was a very easy, relatively quick dinner to throw together - and just decadent enough, with the cheese, bacon, and a lot of flavor! Similar to the jalapeno popper grilled cheese I made a few months ago, I actually think I preferred this better, and I'm thinking it probably had a few less calories too.

I've made a few more things from Pinterest as well lately - no pictures, but thought I'd share:
Creamy Cilantro-Lime Dressing: I was trying to mimic the cilantro lime dressing Qdoba puts on their Mango Chicken salad... I didn't add the Greek yogurt to mine, and did add a little too much garlic. It was very flavorful, and would've been amazing as a marinade.

Chili's Copycat Salsa: I can't remember if I mentioned this one yet, I've been making this in place of the Pioneer Woman salsa, mainly because it doesn't use Ro-tel, and therefore seems less expensive (although it only makes half the amount of salsa). It's really good, but it seems to taste a little different each time I make it, it's probably me being inconsistent with ingredients, but anyway...

Coconut Crack Bars: I realized I had all the ingredients for this the other day, and these just sounded too good... well, they're pretty good. They taste like the filling for a Mounds bar, but that only makes me want to eat one with a handful of chocolate chips, which defeats the purpose of the 120 (when made with agave) calories.

Nutella Rice Krispy Treats: I had made (and blogged about) these before, but ohhhh man, these are dangerously good. I made them again for Mother's Day and ate way to much (not to mention licking out the Nutella jar the next day).

Oreo Layer Dessert: This I made for my birthday (yes, I made it for myself for my birthday - because I wanted to!). It sounded light and cool - and I figured I could I "healthify" it up a bit by using reduced fat Oreos, lite Cool Whip, neufchatal cheese (instead of cream cheese), skim milk in the chocolate pudding (could've used sugar free pudding as well). I thought it was delicious, and I didn't miss the extra fat or calories one bit. I totally recommend this one.

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