Carolina's 8th Birthday

Our sweet Carolina turned 8 - she's officially a big kid - I'm so sad about not having a little anymore, but she's so much fun that I can't really be too upset.
She's such a beauty, a sweetheart, very intelligent and pragmatic, sassy enough, oddly strong, and so funny. 
 She loves math and science, tumbling, playdates with friends, kombucha, breakfast sandwiches, crafts, and any stuffed toy. 
She dislikes being corrected, going to bed with the door closed, doing something when she doesn't understand why, anything scary, taking pictures - ha!
 I took her 8th birthday picture on her last day of 7 and the next day we celebrated with family on her birthday - she requested pasta and butter cheese pasta and a chocolate and strawberry cake. Her favorite gifts were stuffed toys, a Nerf gun, and a watch. 

 A few weeks later she was able to have her "friend party" which she was beyond excited to have since it was her first one. She invite 5 girls and we met at CircusTrix for playtime, Dippin' Dots, and presents. I think it was one of her best days ever. 
Here is her 8th Year Interview!


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