November - the end

The end of November was gone in a flash! The whole family went to NNU for brunch which was really fun for all of us - the kids thought the cafeteria/buffet was fantastic, Todd and I had fun reminiscing... we probably hadn't eaten there since our college days, and the parents/grandparents enjoyed the college experience.
Thanksgiving was nice - we enjoyed relaxing with cinnamon rolls and the Macy's parade before packing up for the very short trip to Nana & Poppa's house. 

 We had a smaller than usual Thanksgiving for Idaho, and it was the first time being home and having it somewhere besides Uncle Pat & Aunt Izzy's (besides the year everybody was out of town or sick). We had a very nice time, and were so stuffed Jen and I took the kids outside for a walk, but it was so darn hot! I don't ever remember a Thanksgiving day that warm (I do only mean like mid-60s... it was mid-90s in SoCal... and could've been there instead!).
And this was the only picture I took...

Saturday was our "Thanksmas" - early Christmas with GG & Tessa. It felt like the real thing for sure. I am really just so irritated at myself that I didn't take more, better pictures... none with my kids and GG & Tessa... I hope somebody got some!

We are so spoiled. 
It was a weekend full of family and relaxing... it was definitely hard to give it up and go back to work. And also very confusing about what month / season / day it was. It honestly felt like Christmas over and it was spring for a while. I think we are over it now that we've got the house all decorated and are in the middle of Living Christmas Tree church stuff with lots of Christmas activities coming up on the calendar!

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