Weekly (but really since we've been back)

I don't even know how many weeks it's been since we've been back from vacation, so this is a weekly roundup.. cause I think it's been a while. While we were gone on vacation - of course - baby Alice decided to make an appearance. It was only fair since Jen was gone when Carolina was born. It was a joy to meet her no matter if she was one hour or one week old. Look at her sweetness...

Clearly we love her already.

Then there was this - just a little bit of twinning.
We got to meet some pppuuupppiiieeesss - they were sooo adorable!

Lina caught a summer bug and was sick for the better part of a week - a nasty virus that gave her a scary high fever for a few days.
But it wasn't too long before she was feeling better and wanting to climb her tree again.

Thankfully it was just in time for cousins coming to town for a few days!
The cousin twins!
And their bunnies
The girls know how to smile for the camera, but the boys...
It's always hard to say goodbye to those great kids, but thankfully we have a couple small cousins that we get to keep here...

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