Maui! (Part 2)

Ahh it's too soon. I'm still in mourning about leaving Maui. I sit here in my nice air-conditioned house, but outside it is hot and dry and there are no plumerias or waves. When we were walking down Front Street in Lahaina one day we walked past an elementary school with waterfront property. Would recess be spent playing in the ocean? Could I wear flip flops (aka slippers) every day or just go barefoot? Could take our books and go read in the sand? It's a very tempting scenario.
But back to our vacation... Lonnie and Jeran rented paddleboards for their whole stay and shared with us. Can I say paddleboarding in the ocean is WAY A LOT harder than on the river. Todd and I couldn't get our balance to stand on them at all and it's really hard work to do it kneeling. The kids loved getting rides on them and Liam was able to do some paddleboarding on his own (with Uncle Lonnie swimming nearby) - that child is athletically gifted.

One afternoon it was so hot we decided to take a drive (the only time you get air-conditioning) - our goal was to see the Nakalele blowhole, we didn't find the exact place but we found so many other beautiful spots along the way. 
 These cliffs did make me extremely nervous though.


 The weather is so like Idaho, sunny here, rainy there.

 We stopped here to get pictures and coconut treats - passion fruit coconut water slush, and raw coconut gelato - oh my lands - maybe the best thing I ate on this trip.
 Liam had his first snorkel at Honolua - it's pretty intense, lots of swimming, deep spots, huge schools of fish, he did great though - he just got cold and was ready to be done.
 she wanted a picture with the tiki
 We FINALLY had a rainbow - we had a lot of rain on this trip, but only one rainbow - it was a beauty though. You can see the double above faintly.
This picture was strictly to show how gloriously curly Carolina's hair got in the humidity - I didn't brush it for days because it was so cute. 
 All the girls went to the Hula Grill for tropical drinks and to see some Hula. The girls weren't overly into it until they were allowed to go stand close and learn the moves and then they got to do it on stage! They were so cute, and did a really good job. 

 We took a sunset walk through the golf course at Kapalua (totally not allowed), but man the views.

 And here are more sunsets... because Maui sunsets!

 Bathing beauties! These girls had so much fun together - honestly they rarely argued... it was much easier to get along in Maui for some reason.
 Lahaina Harbor

 I could stare at this one all night.

 Last morning we had to run down and get our pics in the sand...

 The kids did their own names this year ;)
 Aloha Maui! Until we meet again...

So this is just me weeding through phone pics - I still have to go through my DSLR pics and see if I can combine video clips!
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