Maui! (Yes, again) (Yes, Part 1)

Maui was a dream. Even though this was our 4th time there, we spent two weeks there and could've stayed another two - thanks all to my wonderful in-laws! I have hundreds of pictures (unedited, sorry), so I think I'll have to break up the post or I'll get overwhelmed...
 Waiting in BOI - a flight delay had us sweating a little.
But we made it! Headed straight to get some fish tacos for dinner and then the condo.

 The next day we drove back to Kahului for groceries and stopped for the scenery (that tiny person is Todd)
 Found a coconut

 The rest of our family arrived, but with ear infections so we decided to go upcountry one day - visited a farmer's market and stopped at some quaint little stores along the way. It. Is. Gorgeous. up there - so so breathtaking.

 It really is coolah in Kula
Weirdo cousins
 We headed into Lahaina one day for a walk along Front Street

 The Big Banyan Tree

 This, my friends, is "our" beach. Do you see how there's nobody else there? This wasn't always the case, but often it was! When there were people it wasn't many. It had great sand, no rocks, great waves, and good snorkeling - and it was just a short walk down the shore. 
 a common view
 Playing in the waves was Liam's absolute favorite thing - he just let them throw them all over and loved every second of it.

 Oh - and a tiny detail - there were turtles EVERYWHERE - everywhere. So many turtles. It never got old to see one of these guys just hanging out around.

Nothing better
 We ate all the fish

 Fourth of July shave ice!
 I mean...
 Best smell God ever created
 This was my little red white and blue tribute - yay America
 If Dyl only knew how much trouble he could get in with the cranky old condo man for this
 Do you see all of those turtles?! So many turtles!

 This may be the loveliest walk ever - the jungle leading to Honolua Bay
 I swang on these vines
 Doing laundry... waiting for it to dry... taking pictures

 these two are the same sunset just a few minutes apart
 Molokai was SO clear
 just more gosh-darn beautiful flowers
My favorite color of plumeria, not as fragrant as the white ones though

Ok - that's probably enough for now... Oh to be back there not caring about taking showers, doing my hair, or wearing shoes (well at least it's summer so I can still pretty much not care about those things).

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