Weekly: May 29 - June 4 & Memorial Day!

Well last week already feels like forever ago! Vacation will do that! 
Memorial Day we enjoyed the pool and a BBQ...
The last week of school was good! Very busy, lots of fun plans, and I tried to just relax a bit (although I was super busy) and enjoy the class. It was a happy last week for us all I think. I had to get a picture with Liam and his teacher, a last day of school tradition.
Friday and Saturday were so busy between wrapping up school and cleaning classrooms and houses, then ballet rehearsal, recital (which will be in another post), the last soccer game, and a birthday party I did not get us packed and ready to leave until early Sunday morning... and then the alarm went off at 4:00 am. 
All in all, the drive went really fast - less than 11 hours to Bakersfield - it seemed to be over in a hurry. It helped that we had the new Hamilton soundtrack to listen to. 
We were happy to arrive though! Jeran had yummy pineapple/rosemary/spritzer drinks for us when we arrived...

And the kiddos got right to playing and enjoying being together. They watched a movie on the lawn together until late, which was a perfect start to our visit. 

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