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Well, we weren't planning to come to Disneyland - the hope was to get some free tickets on behalf of Babes in Disneyland, but when that didn't work out at the last minute we decided we should just skip it. But after checking our rewards and seeing that it would only cost $17 for us to get into the park, we changed our minds literally the night before we decided to go! Part of our hesitation was that we have literally never had to park there and deal with driving to and from the park on the same day - we always have stayed at a hotel across the street so we didn't have to deal with Disney Park parking! But it all went very smoothly and we made it just in time to walk in for rope drop. It felt so surreal since we hadn't planned for it, we didn't have our mouse ears or ponchos or coins for the penny press machine - all the usual things we bring in preparation for Disney.
It was the most perfect southern California weather you can imagine - 70 and sunny, so gorgeous. We were never hot or cold, and I don't know the last time we felt that way at Disneyland!
Have to say hi to Walt!
Carolina was really into using the map this time, it's most helpful if you stand on the map, didn't you know.
Matterhorn Monday! Liam and Todd rode this first thing while I got a child swap pass with Lina and them Liam and I rode together. Good start to the day!
While Liam and Todd went on Space Mountain Carolina and I went to get beignets and a Mint Julep - my favs!
It's nice sitting in the shade here by the river, we watched lots of tiny ducklings swim around.

The lines got pretty crazy long - maybe longer than I have ever seen - but the Tiki Room never has a wait, and the line for a Dole While inside the waiting area is always way shorter!
I waited through the queue for Star Tours with everybody, but bailed at the exit, it makes me too motion sick now that I'm old. :(
And if there are ewok ears, one must try them on.
We got stopped on Haunted Mansion at just the right place for me to get this picture.
Did I tell you it was gorgeous? It was gorgeous. And surprisingly the walkways were not insanely packed like they normally are. Apparently everyone just wanted to wait in line at attractions.
Jungle Cruise! The piranhas made Carolina jump!

Liam and I rode on Indiana Jones while Todd waited with Lina (for clarification, she is tall enough to ride on everything, but she's too scared to... sound familiar?). The ride broke down about 30 seconds in and we sat here with the lights on for like 20 minutes, then finally it started up again but with the lights still on and no sound - which was so weird and kinda creepy - then it stopped again, this time no lights but the jeep sat there and rumbled and jostled us around for 5 minutes, then we finished the ride in pitch black. It was awesome. Then they let us stay on the jeep and ride through again, this time without any hitches thankfully. Poor Todd waited for like 45 minutes for us without knowing what to do (there's no cell service since it's underground) and left, so he never got to ride it. 
When Winnie the Pooh has a 25 minute wait, you know the park is busy.
Tarzan's Treehouse is another good one for a busy day since there's no line and a fun break for the kids to get to run and touch things and play a bit. 
The view from the top - you can see a little construction behind Big Thunder for Star Wars land and the huge crane working there. 
 Carolina asked all day to go on the Carousel and was so happy when it finally happened.
One of the restaurants in Fantasyland has been made over with a Beauty and the Beast theme and they serve the "gray stuff" - which is definitely delicious!
Even it's a small world had a 35 minute long wait, which is very usual for non-holiday times. But the line moved quickly and the slow relaxing boat ride was worth it to our tired feet.

Yep, time for another snack! This the treat they got to choose which they didn't have to share with the whole family (end the end I probably ate half of Carolina's cotton candy because she had had enough).
You don't have to tell me...
We were pretty tired, especially our feet, actually this was the first time the kids did better than us - without a stroller even! But Todd decided he was going to sit and save us spots for the parade (something we have never done before!) and honestly it was the perfect end to the day!
We had the best seats to see the Main Street Electrical Parade, and then when it was over we walked into Main Street in front of the castle and the fireworks started about 5 minutes later! Both kids stayed awake and interested in them the whole time! 
We tried to go get on Peter Pan - which never has a short line, but that day it was up to 70 minutes! It ended up not working out which was a bummer, but Liam and I had Fastpasses for Big Thunder we went to use and then we did a little shopping before heading out. Always a sad moment. I think the kids and I could've stayed and done more but Todd was done. The ride back was smooth of course, no traffic, kids immediately asleep, back about midnight and we all crashed. 
It was such a good day. Even with the lines we got to ride to almost everything, save a few Fantasyland rides because they don't have Fastpass. And it didn't feel like a hectic, stressful day because it didn't really seem crowded. 
We don't know when we will be back, it could be a long time so I'm very glad we went!

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