Carolina's Ballet Recital

Carolina had her first ballet recital! Since January she has been learning positions, ballet terminology, directions (right/left), routines, as well as her dance to the song "Spoonful of Sugar." Remember when she was so not excited about getting ballet lessons for Christmas?! Well, she really has liked it and has learned a lot! Her little bff Noelle is there on the left, so I know that helped. We will see what happens in the fall when ballet starts again (and I'm thinking Noelle won't be back - boo). I hope she continues, but if not we will get her in something else, I can see the value of having her stick with this and have a discipline that hopefully she enjoys.
 I was nervous about her going up on stage because early on she would obsessively ask questions about the recital and the stage and the audience (which was VERY large). But she did great! It wasn't the most graceful I've seen her be, and the dance did get messed up a little in the middle (not her fault), but she DID IT and wasn't acting shy about it, and that's a big deal!

She got a bouquet of flowers from dad and a bouquet of tootsie pops from Miss Debbie and Sophie.
She and Noelle looking awkward.
Miss Danielle, her teacher.
My little ballerina.
We didn't have time to take pictures in her costume before the recital at the hall so we had her change back into it at home so I could get some pictures with the hair and make up done. I took some with my phone and some with the camera - of course all of the camera ones she was making weird faces in. She looks adorable I just wish they had better resolution.

I got not the best video - it's too bright and there are too many heads in front of me even though we were near the front, but it'll have to do!

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