Weekly: May 8-13

I don't even know what to say. 
This was a weird week. 
Each day was so different it was like they were each separated by... another week?
I was prepared on Monday to start school with a whole new mentality, one I called "Behavior Bootcamp"... my class has only been getting more and more out of control over the last month and I was fed up. So Monday it went well, but it was busy of course and then we had a baby shower for a co-worker after school so I ended up staying quite late to get sub plans written for the next day. Tuesday I had my annual exam in the morning and decided to just take the second half of the day off as well and go enjoy myself - which I did! I went all over Boise shopping, and window shopping, buying baby gifts for Jen's baby shower, I got coffee, and Todd even met me for lunch after his doctor's appointment, we sat outside and soaked up the warm sun. It was a glorious morning - then I got to experience the pick-up line at school... not the most fun thing ever, and made less so because Liam and his teacher forgot that I said I was picking him up so I waited quite  a while. I went to get Carolina from Grandma and Papa's only to end up leaving Liam there to swim so I could go back home and enjoy even more quality along time getting things done and wrapping baby shower gifts. Carolina and I went to the baby shower, it was lovely, and fun, and she got a lot of adorable baby girl things - a LOT of them Disney! :)
Wednesday it was HOT - so we swam! Jen and Grant and Whit came too and it was so nice and relaxing. However late that evening Todd and I both started to feel yucky, which we kind of brushed off as too much sun and exercise and maybe too many grapes... but then the pukes started.. both of us, at the same time. Thankfully the kids were already in bed and we were just fending for ourselves, but it was rough. Thursday I made myself get up and go to work, because it was too late to get a sub if there was even one to be had (probably not) - but after lunch I got an aide to cover my class because I just felt wretched. Liam and I came home - I told Liam he could do whatever he wanted and I fell right asleep (Todd was there, already asleep) - I had a good few hour nap and then my parents came and got Liam and basically kept the kids until bedtime - it was so appreciated! Then the kids actually put themselves to bed... successfully! Man we are lucky parents.
Friday we were pretty much fine so we all went back to work and school and then over to friends for dinner, but as soon as we got home from that Liam started puking. Poor kid. He had it worse than all of us, he probably puked for 10-12 hours whereas I think I only did for a couple. So Saturday was spent at home except for a Target run. Liam perked up by the evening and ate some popcorn with us while we watched Pirates of the Caribbean, now both children are obsessed. 
Sunday was nice - we put Liam in Sunday School long enough for him to sing with the kid's choir and then pulled him out, Carolina too, they were both not pleased about it. We went to a late lunch with the whole family and then my children indulged me in a quick mall trip. The weirdest part was Liam got another stomach ache in the evening and threw up again, as I write this (Sunday night) he's asleep on the floor of his room next to his puke bowl. We'll see what the night has in store for us. At this point, I'm like - you know what to do kid, you're on your own. I am over illnesses. OH PLEASE don't let Carolina get it! I'm dousing her in essential oils like they are going out of style!
But mostly I'm like, hey guys, 3 more weeks of school and I am OUT OF HERE! These California pics that keep popping up from one year ago (the half-marathon/mother's day weekend) are making me drool. 
Oh! Pray for guidance and peace for Todd on Monday, he has a meeting which may very well decide his career future. I will keep you posted.
Lands, I had a lot of words and not a lot of pictures... but there's a video with some rad boomerang shots of the kids in the pool!

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