Weekly: May 22-28

Holy goodness! This year has felt sooo long, and the last few months soooo sooooo long, but now it's like - what? we have 4 more days?! It was a stressful week - so much to do at school and not enough time to do it all certainly. At least I got grades done, and now I have to work on a curriculum project that I have to finish, looks like I won't get around to cleaning out files and cupboards that desperately need it. Maybe I'll work on it during the summer..... hahahaha, no I won't! If we weren't leaving right after school get's out I probably would, but this time next week we will be in California! Yay! It will be crazy hot there, but I don't care, it's vacation!
sunshine and nectarines
One of the many things that kept us busy this last week was Carolina's Preschool Graduation! It was Wednesday morning so I took the day off to be there - but since I have a ton of pictures from that I think I'll do a separate post for them.
We also got to swim a bit, although most of the week wasn't quite as warm as the one before, I was OK with it because honestly I didn't need another thing to do. I tried to get as much done as I could so that we could really just enjoy the 3-day weekend, and we did!
 Saturday was so sunny and nice and perfect weather for soccer, then we ran to Boise for some pre-vacation errands, then we had some chores to do, and had a relaxing evening at home. Carolina asked to bake with me so she picked a recipe from my Pinterest and we did that together. I just love being at home with clean house, nothing I have to do, and the doors and windows open. There is just about nothing better.
you know you're a teacher's kid when...
Todd had to work on Sunday though becaaauuuse it's his last week... again. His doctor recommended he take the rest of his FMLA time off and he went back and forth about it, whether he should just quit and use the take he gets paid out to find another job or take the leave (still using his sick time) and go back at the end of July, not knowing if it will be any better at the other end. But he's staying and using his time. I feel better about that than the other option. He may have a new job opportunity in August, but a lot of things can change before then, so there is a safety net this way.
ALSO how awesome is our summer going to be with Todd home for so much of it?! It's going to be a once in a lifetime experience probably (unless he decides to teach... not likely) - and we are all excited. Todd is making plans like we should go for a family walk every morning, do some Boise hikes, drive to McCall for a day, go to the water park, do the cherry festival together, swim anytime we want - stuff that he usually misses out on in the summer, or things we just never do because we don't do without him.
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This time last year I was feeling pretty sad about the last week of school, I even had a nightmare about it, but not this year. I am super pumped for this last week of school to happen. We will have lots of fun and say goodbye. I liked a lot of the kids in my class, but as a whole they were really exhausting, and I badly need a break from the job. So I planned a getaway as soon as we possibly could, also asap because there will be a new little niece arriving this month and we wouldn't want to miss that! But ahhh California - first Bakersfield, then Riverside, some Downtown Disney for fun (no Disneyland unless we get incredibly lucky), but honestly I'll just be happy to be making that 14 hour drive south. We love a good road trip.

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