Weekly: May 1-7

Woo! It's May! and Woo! I survived! 
Oh man, it was a week full of things - high and low, but mostly high! 
Tuesday we had our big accreditation observation and interview which went really well (although I was crazy nervous) and in the end our school district was accredited! We are the first school district in the Treasure Valley to attempt accreditation and we passed! (p.s. this is at an international level - pretty cool) 
Wednesday was the dreaded dentist appointment and... nothing. There is no specific tooth causing problems, he said it's probably just the different cracks that got hit the wrong way, and there's nothing to do until it becomes more sensitive or more specific. So good I guess, because I was terrified of getting the needle, but bad because my jaw just hurts and there doesn't really seem anything that can be done about it. I think it was a little better yesterday than the few days before, so I should probably just keep giving it time to recover... I think the stress of the week exacerbated my teeth grinding nighttime habits along with an eye twitch. 
Thursday we SWAM! It was so hot and sunny and nice we swam and it didn't feel a bit like anything but summer - Linda made us dinner and we ate outside, so nice!
Friday we took our state test - the culminating activity of the 2nd grade year (although, yes we still have 4 weeks left)... my class did EXCELLENT, and let me tell you that I was very doubtful we would see that much success, I am so proud of them. I was also a very proud mama to this little boy...
... the goal was 92... so yeh, he did pretty good :)
Friday night though I just felt crappy - you know how your body does that sometimes when a stressful period comes to an end? I think it was that, or my aching jaw giving me a headache and throwing in some vertigo, or I just ate super crappy all week and felt rotten (Teacher Appreciation week has it's benefits and detriments). 
By Saturday the nice warm weather was long gone, so typical Idaho, and we froze to death at Liam's soccer game, so after that I literally laid in bed for hours trying to warm up and got nothing done. The kiddo's went to spend the night with Grandma and Papa and somehow got their little selves into the pool for a nighttime swim - yes, they are crazy.
And yesterday Todd and I had a nice little lie in and then went on a breakfast date before church and then spent a fun afternoon with friends, it was a wonderful day... if only we could just have one more before we all have to go back to work tomorrow.
I'm so glad that the weather will be shaping back up this week and some more swims will be in order. And I'm so glad that my stressful week is over, only fun things this week - well, I do have my annual which isn't exactly fun, but since I have to be there first thing for blood work I just decided to take the whole day and cross my fingers that Todd can get his day off too (he has a dr. appointment in the morning as well) and then we can get lunch and do some shopping together - and that would be fun!

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