Weekly: April 24-30

Yayyyy April is over! I'm sorry if I'm a negative Nellie, but I think I still have a "hangover" from this winter and I am just done with crappy weather and I NEED SUN and May gets me that much closer to it. I usually love spring, but please sir, give me sumMORE. Was that too cheesy? Summer = summore. Yes? Ok. I am in a weird state of mind right now. While I'm excited for May and summer vacation countdown and the 83 degree forecast this week, I am actually really really not excited about this week. Hardcore stressed, to be real about it. My eye has been twitching for the last week and I know this is why. We have state testing this week (and I am actually worried about it, uncommon), accreditation observations and interviews, and worst of all I have to go to the dentist for a toothache. I'm trying not to think about it except to pray about it. I don't know why I have such a fear of it, but I definitely do. So really once Friday afternoon rolls around I'll probably feel free as a bird, but right now I feel anxious and jittery and like I won't live to see Friday. Poor Todd, this is what he feels like 90% of the time. His week was very hard, there's always a lot to get done before the end of each month plus he had court a time or two which is always very challenging. He is still figuring it out but it looks like he's leaning heavily in the direction of going back to school for his Master's this fall.

So this last week and weekend I was pretty distracted, but I did stop to catch a quick glimpse of this adorable little boy, hard a work, didn't even notice me there. I love him.

And then another shot of him relaxing in the sun during soccer breaks.

It was a good weekend, I got caught up on a lot of house chores (not always one's first thought about a "good weekend" but still), tried out a new coffee shop/bakery in Nampa, checked out the farmer's market, had dinner with friends, and a fun dinner with family. 
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