Carolina's Preschool Graduation!

Miss Carolina graduated preschool last week. It was obvious they had been practicing for a long time because they did so great. Her preschool was just excellent, I would recommend it to anyone! The program had several songs, a reenactment of the Easter story, and then a little certificate ceremony. Carolina was so proud of it. I tried so hard to get all of my little video clips to come together in one longer "movie" but I should probably find something other than Snapchat to help me do it! Haha! So for now, there are just a bunch of little ones...

Look at her sweet face.

I love the cross right above her.
 The next pic is obviously taken with my phone because the quality is not great, but look at the joy on those little girls faces!
 She looks like a little model, she's so beautiful. 

 How weird is that?!
We are so thankful for all the family that came to this special day!

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