Weekly: April 3-9

What a looooooong week. Each day lasted an age and by Thursday I was next-level tired. We basically did nothing Thursday and Friday afternoons. My goal was to go walking 5 times, but I only made it out 3, however the weather was crappy and cold and rainy some days. 
This was Friday, I was tired after dinner so Carolina wanted to "put me to bed" (tell me a story, brush my hair, bring me water and stuffed animals)... and then I fell asleep and took a two hour nap before waking up to go back to bed. When I woke up I found this sweet little note and sucker from Lina. I love her.

The weather was so bad on Saturday, but by some miracle the sun came out at night when we drove up to the farm for a family dinner. There were baby sheep there courtesy of one of our veterinarian cousins, so that was definitely the highlight!
Andy isn't our littlest McConnel cousin but he is finally not too little to play with the big kids - it was precious.

The views were spectacular, everything is so green right now!
Palm Sunday came! The kids did their usual processional with palm branches and sang a song to open church, very cute.
The weekend just needed to be lazy for me, I can catch up on house work this week. I was just so tired after Spring Break + back to school. Only 8 weeks left now... I'm ready. This is Todd's last week off, he will go back to work next Monday and see how things go, then if he needs more time he'll let his doctor know and take it I guess. He hasn't come to any decisions or conclusions yet. He is just trying to make the most of each day off right now. 
We are crossing our fingers for good weather this week, or weekend at least, Liam's first soccer game is this Saturday (think) and then Easter! We all have short-sleeved outfits to wear so here's hoping it's nice!

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