EASTER 2017! (Weekly: April 10-16)

Happy Easter! We had a beautiful sunny and warm Easter day (just as I imagine the real Easter would've been!). 
We got our annual Easter picture by the fountain...

Then we had a delicious lunch at Steve and Linda's with lots of family, and after that an egg hunt. We figured about 200+ eggs for 3 kids... it took a while! And as you can see Liam had to trade out his bucket for a bigger one and then Lina used Liam's as well.
In every picture of my children egg hunting they both had their tongues sticking out.
The day before was Liam's first spring soccer game - it was sunny and clear but quite cold. He played pretty well considering he took a year and a half off (or was it two years?).
Saturday was just a great day over all - after soccer we went to a new local restaurant that was delicious! Then Todd and I left the kids with Nana and Poppa and we went to the mall and then out to a movie before coming home to a relaxing evening. It was such a good day.
The daffodils are going and the tulips are full on right now. I'm glad the insane blizzard we had on Friday morning didn't kill them! Sheesh, April in Idaho is so ridiculous. I was so not impressed. But yet again I'm crossing fingers that warmer nicer weather is really here to stay now after I actually got a little sunburn from being outside yesterday!
Carolina had her preschool field trip to Walmart and she LOVED it - my friend sent me this picture. 

Todd is back at work today and he's struggling. I always thought this would be harder instead of easier... to go back after a nice month off. Just keep praying for him... something has got to give...

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