Weekly(s): March 13-26

Woops! How did that happen? I didn't really mean to skip a week, it just totally slipped my mind. I think getting ready for the last week of school and working out the details in our big schedule change overtook my thoughts. And then when I sat down to catch up, Blogger announced some new layouts, and that took up the whole morning while I did a blog refresh - I like the last layout more, but comments never could work, hopefully now it will!
Todd has been off for a whole week now and he said it started out slow and relaxing, then went much faster, and by the end he was feeling guilty for being gone. He does feel more rested, seems happier, got some exercise and has enjoyed it overall. This week he probably won't even realize he's missing work, since we are all home for spring break and getting ready to head out of town for a bit. Other than Carolina and I both being sick with some kind of cold for the entire two weeks (and still a little sniffly) it was a good week for me since the house was a little bit cleaner than usual and Todd got a few little jobs done that needed doing and I felt like I could stay a little later at work than usual if I needed to. We hung out with friends a few nights, went to Boise a few times for the fun of it, but the highlight was Carolina's ballet class - it was "watch week" so we were all allowed to sit in on a class. I am glad that parents usually aren't allowed it and we just watch from the TV monitor outside, because her teacher said she was so much more reserved when all the parents were there. But it was sooooo cute! 

The other highlight was going to see "Beauty and the Beast" with these fun ladies!

And that's basically the only pictures I have from the last two weeks! I know I will take more this week since we will be on vacation in Salt Lake City - it's been a couple years since we were there and we are excited to go back! 
The weekly video is extra long though and there's some great footage of ballet :) 

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