Weekly: March 6-12

This week went so fast, and a lot - like a lot of things happened, but I don't think it flew by because we were rushing... I don't know why, but I do know it was a good week! We started Wednesday night church again - me with my Girlfriend group, Lina with Bible buddies, and Liam with (I can't remember what it's called) you-know... Wednesday night church.
On Thursday Carolina and I went to Kindergarten readiness night - can you believe it's happening? Why is it different with the youngest child. Liam I expect to grow up, but not Carolina, she's supposed to stay little. I just want her hands to stay tiny, and her lisp and cute voice to stick around, and her chubby baby cheeks to never leave...  But she is very excited to come to school with me next year and she loved her Kindergarten bag full of books, art supplies, and activities - she got right to work on them.
I think hope pray that nicer weather is here to stay for the most part. We had some BEAUTIFUL days this week - and maybe they weren't even all that nice, but compared to the winter we've had they felt like heaven. The funny thing is 61 degrees in Idaho means that people (not me, but some) will pull out their flip flops, shorts, and sundresses, but if it was the same temperature in SoCal everybody would pull out their boots and scarves. It's the truth! The kids really enjoyed playing outside at home, front yard for chalk, basketball, and scootering and the back for swinging, "ski ball", and nerf.
This little buddy came to Liam's game this week and wasn't super happy, but man was he cute!
Liam had a GREAT final game of the season! He scored 12 baskets and had some nice assists and defense... things? I still don't know all the basketball terminology. He really worked so hard this season and learned a lot - I know next year will be different because he will be the little fish in a big pond, but I hope he still loves it as much as he has this year. This was a great team, good coach, and in the end they went undefeated! Go Aces!
What a handsome boy! Can you tell I'm proud?
Saturday was crappy weather again and highly depressing, Carolina and I snuggled in bed and had a "girls day" for a bit and then I made myself clean the house - which turned out great because on Sunday it was GORGEOUS out! We ate lunch outside and let the kids play at the park and then took a long walk around the pond, I even got a little pink on my face it was so sunny! And then we grilled for dinner and the kids kept playing out because when you have nice weather you make the most of it!
But the big events around here were:
 A) Planning a fun little trip to Salt Lake withe friends for spring break!
B) Planning a trip to Maui this summer!!!!!!!! It was a Maui year - but we didn't think it was going to happen for us, and Steve and Linda made it a go!
C) Todd is taking a month off from work per doctor's orders under FMLA so it's all paid for. Praise the Lord! This is a definite answer to prayer - something is changing with his job! And even if it's not permanent I think it will lead to a more permanent solution/change for him. He badly needs this time to step away from his job and rest, recharge, renew... for his physical and mental health. He hasn't had more than 2 weeks off in the last 14 years - and he was always gone on vacation during that time. Having a month at home with nothing he has to do or think about or worry about will be huge. (And his doctor told him he could take 3 months, but Todd felt too guilty about that and said 1!) I know I could be jealous that he gets this time off and I don't, but I'm not even a drop of it. I know my summer is coming, and I get it every year - and really I just so badly wanted a change for him. Ok - well I'm rambling, but I just can't seem to find the right words to express my feeling about this - please continue to pray for him this week as he tries to tie things up and prepare for his leave which begins the 20th. 
We have 2 weeks until spring break, and a little break from sports for a couple weeks as well, and no extra school obligations this week, PLUS we might hit 70 degrees!!! 

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