Weekly: February 21-March 5

I decided there wasn't enough to tell about week before last. So I skipped blogging. Really, it's just the same ol' same ol'. I struggle this time of year. January is not so bad because you are enjoying just relaxing after the holiday busyness, but by the end of January through April it's just blehhhhhh. I'm ready for spring by February 1st, and I do not live in a place that supports those wishes. The gloominess gets to me. The cold is not my friend. And I wish that there was hope in the forecast, but there just isn't. 
I took a picture of sun shining in the window, because it's a big deal.
A bright spot in my week is spending 45 minutes with my friend Amy while our girls have their ballet lesson. I am very excited that we actually get to watch them in a couple of weeks - every other time we sit out in the lobby and can watch them on a TV screen, I think it's better that way, but it will be interesting to see what it all looks like and sounds like up close!
This little beauty.... 
We went to the Ash Wednesday service for the first time and for the first time got ashes placed on our foreheads. It was a long sermon and the kids were tired, so I wanted to leave early but Liam really wanted to take communion and get the ashes so we stayed - sweet boy, he was listening to the sermon even though he was so exhausted. Lina didn't go do it, but decided she wanted the ashes after we has left so I smooshed foreheads with her to share. We are attempting to really use this season of Lent as a time to focus, listen, and learn from God and His word.
Liam only has 1 more basketball game next weekend, I will be sad to see it end, I have really enjoyed it this year and I think Liam has really gotten into it and improved so much. I hope we can get him into a basketball camp this summer or something. But we decided to give soccer another try. It's been a year and a half I think since he did it last, but we are doing the Upward program this year instead of the Nampa one. I'm excited that he will have an activity to continue doing for the next few months. 
Todd's job is just terrible, it's always terrible, and yet somehow it seems to be getting more-so. Something has to give or he's going to crack, please keep him in your prayers - for his mental health, physical health, and for a change to present itself. 

Weekend before last we had a little Oscars party with a few church friends, that was lots of fun and the awards certainly was entertaining there at the end!

Our calendar this month is a lot more sparse, which I'm ok with, mostly I just want to get through the next 3 weeks until spring break! Not because we have anything planned though, not yet anyway. But maybe just maybe we will get a little getaway, or even better, sunshine!
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