A Few of My Favorite [Winter] Things

Because it's technically still winter and it's definitely still acting like it... and because posts like these scratch a concrete-sequential itch...

Madewell purse - I seriously love this purse - it's my top favorite thing! I've always loved purses - I am the "bag lady." But I'm on a kick of finding good things that I like now and will continue to like because they are more classic and neutral and will wear well. So I'm committed to this purse! It's not a winter-only thing, actually I've been using it since last summer when I used some birthday money to finally buy myself a nice black purse. It's the perfect shape and size. I love it so. And, of course, I got my initials engraved on it :)

North Face parka - I'm SO glad I bought this before the crazy winter and all the coats sold out! My last coat was just a bit too snug, and it was warm, but didn't cover enough area for my morning outdoor duty. This one is light and easy to move in, but definitely warm.

Natori robe - I needed a new robe and I got the softest robe ever this year. When we had those snow days weeks in January I pretty much wore this 24/7.

Hunter rubber boots - another good buy before the snow all melted and there were 4 inch puddles to wade through! The tip is, these are kids boots! So not only were they on sale, but they were kid prices to begin with. Score!

NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint- I have been loving this light foundation lately, it perfectly matches my skin color, it's natural looking, it lasts, and it has SPF too! It is hard to find a foundation with all of those qualities in one, truly. I tried out many many free sample from Sephora before I finally purchased this one.

NARS Velvet Lip Glide in Bound - Apparently this "glide" (between a lipstick and gloss) is constantly sold out and I understand why! It's a very comfortable formula although it lays like a lipstick - it really is a glide. And the color is perfect. Not too dark, very natural, but obvious that you have your lips on.

NARS Goulou Blush - I'm obviously having a NARS moment. But really, I love this blush, it's more pigmented than any other blush I've had, and it's just so pretty. I just like it. Nars things are expensive, if this wasn't a free trial size I'm sure I never would've purchased it on my own.

Slow by Slow by OneVessel travel mug - This is a twofer - Slow by Slow is our favorite place in Boise to get coffee and it just happens to sell my favorite amazing travel mug! You can throw this thing around and it won't spill (good, because it usually ends up being carried in my school bag) and it keeps drinks piping hot for hours - no joke! Plus I like that it's smaller since I usually don't drink more than 8-10 oz. at a time.

doTERRA oils - This was in my last favorite post (summer), but I swear by these. If I feel like I'm or somebody in the family is getting sick, I start diffusing the On Guard and taking capsules like crazy and either a) nobody gets sick, or b) it's gone in a day or 2. I love the one for upset stomachs too. And just like diffusing them for the smells and the pick-me-up feel they can give.

TeaPigs Liquorice & Mint Tea - I'm not a tea drinker, but I'm trying to be and this is by far the best I've ever had. I don't like liquorice either, but I like this! It's sweet! And there's no sugar - it's the weirdest thing, but I mean, it's my favorite so it's got to be good.

Kristin Ess hair care lineI'm super pumped about these products. They are mid-range prices, but sold at Target, and definitely more affordable than high-end Sephora products BUT they do what the pricey ones do! For real! They are sulfate free, yet I feel like I can get them to lather and reallly clean my hair. I only have 4 of the products, but I'm planning on getting another ASAP. Plus the cute packaging gets me.

"Moana"/"LaLa Land" soundtracks - It's a toss up between these two, they are pretty much the only music that's been played in our house in the last month+. They cheer me up!
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