Now that we are on the other side of winter I can look back on these pictures with appreciation! But really, I forgot that I had them until I was getting Liam's birthday pics off the camera. They are epic enough (for us Idahoans) that I decided I need to post them for posterity if nothing else...
These icicles started out so beautiful...
 ... and then grew to jaw-dropping and deadly lengths... I don't know how many times our children were told not to walk under icicles in this two week span
 I had to try to get a few pretty snow pictures... but there's just that much to take a picture of around my house, and remember we didn't leave for basically 2 weeks

 Hee hee, it was so hard for her to walk in it with it up to her knees, but she had fun.
 Liam was way more into it, he stayed and played well after his sister had come inside.

 This was a few days later, I believe it was 7 below this day, even with the sunshine. But do you see those icicles?!?! They were longer than Liam. We were out knocking them down and Steve came over to shovel the snow off the roof so we wouldn't get ice dams.
 Knocking down icicles was a fun job, I'll admit it. 

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