Weekly: Jan. 30-Feb. 5

best part of the week was getting to find out what baby Miller is!

Ugh. It was a week. And I am not ready for another.
Literally two weeks ago I was patting myself on the back for being so on top of life. Meals planned and food purchased. House completely clean. Budget / bills / desk all done and cleared off. Lesson plans done and prepared for the weeks ahead. I thought to myself "this will probably all go to crap next week... but I don't see how that could happen! haha." I said this in my head, I don't outloud to myself that much.
But oh the irony. Only it took me two weeks, not one.
We ate whatever randomness was in the fridge/freezer/pantry to avoid going to the grocery store. The house is trashed. Todd is still sick. He did finally go to the doctor, but has a upper respiratory infection from a virus, so there is nothing to make it go away. He just has an inhaler and throat numbing meds and takes lots and lots of dayquil/nyquil. There's where it all started. I really do count on him to help around the house so much, and when he's not 100% stuff just seems to pile up rapidly.
I had not the best week at school. I got not one, but two new kids on the same day, and they were a lot of work/stress for a while. I think we ended the week strong, but I was thrown for a while and then there were a bunch of meetings and changes that we decided would take place immediately... I don't know why we decided this. It seems like it was a poor choice now. Oh and our fridge is on the fritz. That's fun. And and Liam is getting the sickness now, and I'm out of my On Guard essential oil capsules.
This is why I'm always so ready for February to end. January just gets old real fast. I'm feeling tired and whiney and like I've already lost this upcoming week before it's even begun. Hm.
Oh AND all week I meant to post about Liam's birthday and being 8 years old and I just never had time or energy in the evenings to do it. Mannn. Send all the coffees. And the sunshine. I'm going to need it to get me to the next weekend!

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