Weekly: January 9-15

Well, if you thought that our snow days ended, you (and I) were both wrong! So no only did we miss school Wed. - Fri on the first week back, but we also missed Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday the next week! In two weeks of school we had 6 snow days and 3 work days! And really, Thursday, our first day back probably shouldn't have been.. every other school district surrounding ours called another snow day and many of our kids did not make it to school. On Wednesday temperatures rose which made it feel like all of our prayers were answered, but what actually happened is that is turned those feet of snow into complete mush that made driving impossible - literally no amount of digging, or pushing, could get our car out of the driveway - and it created several inches of standing water in every road because the storm drains were blocked.... and then it all froze the next night, so there were just sheets of ice everywhere. It. Has. Been. Crazy. Maybe this is normal weather is other parts of Idaho, but not ours! We feel lucky if we get any snow and especially if we get a snow day from school - I believe only once or twice have we had 2 snow days. But with our snow day before break - and then 6 more after - that made for a total of 7 SNOW DAYS! And you know what, we may not be done yet, it's apparently going to dump between 6-10 inches this week. Oh my lanta. The saving grace is that we don't have to add any school days onto the end of the year, not yet anyway, I sincerely hope that doesn't happen.
I have loved the extra long winter break - truly, but this last week wasn't quite as much fun as the week before. I was starting to get some seasonal affective depression with the gloominess, so I was very happy on Wednesday when the sun came out for a while. I was getting pretty lazy too - not with blogging though, I got on a Babes in Disneyland writing kick which was exciting, but I stopped doing things around the house... and also showering.
Our roads are still a mess even though the plows came through. There are 4 foot piles of snow scattered all along both sides of the road which makes it very narrow and blocks half of our driveway. We would shovel it but it is snow a giant solid chunk of ice. Thankfully the main roads are quite clear so it wasn't too scary getting to work or getting out to the store and a date afternoon to Boise, but anyplace where the ice hasn't been completely scraped up will get you. We saw a lady completely slip and fall and hit her head on a patch of ice which was covered in a dusting of snow so nobody even saw it. We tried to help her but couldn't reach her because that's how slippery it was. Thankfully she wasn't knocked out even though she laid there still for a long time, we stayed with her until she could crawl over to us and we could help her up. So scary :(
In other unfortunate news we have a brand new giant crack across our front porch thanks to this crappy weather. That corner is definitely sinking a few millimeters below the rest of the porch and I've emailed my insurance company but no response yet, I'm sure they have a lot of questions to deal with right now.
It was nice to get back to work and be with my kids... when I went to wake up Liam for school that morning he went "NOOOOO!"  - he wasn't ready, but he did have fun of course. It will sure be interesting if we go back for one day tomorrow and then get another day or two off for snow. I have hope that they have the road clearing/plow system all worked out so that we won't be stuck for so long like before. But you never know. We just weren't prepared for this much snow!!!
Ok that was a long post and I don't even have pictures!! But I do have a few videos from last week -

It was soooo nice to get out of the house, be child-free for a while, and enjoy the beautiful/frigid day.
Ok, here we go again!
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