Weekly: January 23-29 (Birthday week!)

It was truly a whirlwind of a week - for the first time since mid-December I worked 5 days in a row... it's hard! :) But the kids still only had 4 days of school because one of those was a teacher work day. Those kids are going to be tired this week with 5 days of school.  While I did/do love snow days and just days off in general, it did feel good to be with them and get back into a routine. The only bad part was that all of us, except Liam got colds this week. Todd's is still hanging on, he might have to see a doctor soon :/
With ballet once a week, and basketball twice, plus bachelor night, date night, and usually at least one other get together with friends every week our calendar looked insane... but I liked it! I like doing nothing too, but I think being busy in the winter helps. It snowed a few days this week and the roads were just as bad as ever with all the freezing temps, it's just plain cold and gross out right now. My car actually got stuck in the street  at Steve and Linda's house. I'm over it. I welcome the end of January and desperately hope that the Groundhog does not see his shadow this week.
Of course the highlight of this week was Liam's birthday day weekend! Saturday after his basketball game (which didn't go quite as well as last week, but that seems to be the norm) we quickly cleaned the house and went bowling at Big Al's with some school friends he had invited - they are a sweet/silly bunch of boys. They had fun and ate ALL the snacks I had brought. We went out to dinner afterwards and then did some quick shopping before going home and having some friends over for games. Liam had a hard time going to sleep, I think a combination of all of the excitement, junk food from the day, and the idea that it was his last night ever being 7. He was emotional and couldn't fall asleep. It was a big day!

Sunday was his birthday and after he helped us with the 5 year old Sunday School class we had the requested Pizza Hut and coconut cake for lunch with all the family and presents of course. Pictures to come later. 
I can't believe he's 8!!! So crazy. We've been parents for a long time I guess!
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