Weekly: January 2-8 (Snowpocalypse 2017!)

Oh boy, you guys. What a seriously crazy week this past one has been. When I ended my last blog I was feeling kind of bummed out about the end of winter break, not ready to go back to school... but I did... then I didn't!
So Monday was my last day of break, which Todd also had off, we were lazy bums and did nothing much more than taking down Christmas. Liam went to basketball practice and we tossed the Christmas tree to the curb. It was sad. Tuesday I went to work, it was hard to be back, started out with a less-than-wonderful morning, by the time we left school it was just starting to spit snow and snowed all evening. I wasn't too surprised to get the snow day call early the next morning. What I wasn't expecting was that it would snow for the rest of the week and I wouldn't be back to work at all! So basically Mother Nature gave me back my whole winter break! I already feel much happier about going back to work, just more rested and ready.
Because it was predicted to continue to snow all day on Wednesday (which it did), Todd took the day off and stayed home with us. Everybody worked on their shoveling skills...
 Liam and Lina both built their new Lego sets from Christmas.
And we just enjoyed our free day together! I really tried to spend it being present with the kids and not worrying about trying to get any projects or chores done (although it was nice to finish getting all of the Christmas stuff put away so I didn't have to look at the clutter). Lina helped me bake and Todd and Liam finally finished reading Harry Potter so we all watched the first movie - the kids loved it!
So beautiful
We had popcorn for dinner and played one of our new board games from Christmas and had so much fun.
It became clear when there wasn't a break in the snowfall all day that Thursday wasn't looking good for school to resume, in fact, the school district just went ahead and called it Wednesday night so we didn't even have to prepare for going to work! Unfortunately Todd did have to go in, he took my car and got stuck in the road immediately and I had to run out in my pajamas to help him out of it. He wasn't pleased about having to go in, but he made it safely. It didn't snow that day, but the streets were just a mess with many people stuck in the roads or unable to even leave their neighborhood. But again, I made sure to enjoy this gift of an extra day home. The kids were entranced with the icicles on the house and had to go knock them down (carefully) and play in the snow a bit.
He loved it out, his sister... not so much.
And then come inside for hot chocolate.
And because we needed more sugar, some snow ice cream!
We watched a new movie from Christmas and Todd came home a little early thankfully.  I was quite shocked when the school district called another snow day for Friday by late Thursday afternoon. I was pretty giddy. 
Friday and Saturday were FREEZING, like Antarctic-style. But more snow kept coming. Todd went late on Friday and it still took him 70 minutes to get to work because of a Semi stuck blocking both lanes.
Steve came over and scraped the snow off of our room and checked for ice dams. We were so thankful. Todd got tired to gearing up every time he had to go shovel, so he just started going out in jeans and shirt... Alaskans...
We dropped the kids at my parents on Saturday and decided to attempt to get out for a bit, grab some lunch and go laptop shopping (because my laptop cannot be saved and actually the vacuum too, womp womp, there goes Christmas money). It was snowing and the news was predicting snow storm round two so EVERYBODY was out and everybody was acting like it was Armageddon buying up groceries and water and generators. The lines at Costco literally went to the back of the store. It was honestly insane. 
And to top off the week - church was even cancelled. Our pastor did a live stream on Facebook instead - so it was fun to watch while making our pancakes in our pajamas.
Some school districts have already closed for tomorrow - it's been snowing, a lot all morning (sow it's easily totaled a foot and a half at least) but now we have freezing rain and wind - sooo ice and big snow drifts. It will be interesting to see what happens for us tomorrow! Pray for our safety on the roads if we do have to go in... should've invested in the snow tires!

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