Weekly: January 16-22

Things are starting to pick up - only one snow day at home this week! On our Monday off we ran errands all over Nampa since the weather was nice, and got back to work on Tuesday and Wednesday. But it snowed all of Wednesday afternoon and night, so there we were sleeping in on Thursday morning again :)  At this point I don't even have a kind-of plan for what I want to have the kids do, I just don't say yes every time they want iPad or TV and it all works out. Liam enjoyed some quiet reading time on my bed, for some reason. 
Thankfully Thursday itself was quite warm and the several inches of snow we had just got mostly melted away so I could get Carolina to Tiny Toes ballet. I forgot to take a picture of her last week (which was her first week there). She did not want to take this picture. She isn't sure how she feels about it yet, but I would really like her to stick with it through the recital - in May I believe. She does it with one of her little friends and I hope that will help.
I have to say I love snow days but school is getting real tough when you only go for 1 or 2 days at a time then have a day off. IF we don't have any more days off this month - and thankfully it doesn't look like we will - we will have been to school 12 days this month. This next week is going to be bootcamp, I've got to get these kids back in shape.
Liam had his first basketball game on Saturday, The whole schedule got pushed back a week due to all the snow, but Liam's lucky team didn't miss any practices because of it so they got an extra one! Admittedly there are several 1st graders on his team, but he is still the tallest one, and he crushed this game. We think we counted 12 baskets. He seems so much more advanced since the last season - which is how it's supposed to work, but I just wasn't expecting I guess. I hope the rest of the season goes just as well.
Todd and I saw "LaLa Land" and ate greasy drive-in food on our date night and these little children had a sleepover with Grandma and Papa and had LOTS of fun it appears. Papa always likes to save a few fireworks for special evenings like this ;)  Grandma sent us lots of pictures!

This is Liam's last week of 7. Oh man, where does the time go? He's so tall too! He invited some friends from school to go bowling on Saturday and then on Sunday he has requested Pizza Hut. So that's the plan, pretty easy. I have to do more mental preparation than party preparation this year!
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