Pin of the Week: Dill Pickle Pasta Salad

DILL PICKLE PASTA SALAD...this is soooo good!! Hands down one of the BEST Pasta Salad recipes...perfect for potlucks & bbq's! Recipe....
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I didn't have much to make or bring for Christmas Eve and Day - which was totally fine with me! Until I woke up Christmas Eve morning and felt like cooking! So I did some Pinterest research and ran to the Walmart as early as I could. It's weird, I know, but I really wanted a pasta salad - and when this one popped up it sounded like it would be either be amazing or just disgusting. Since it was easy to make and I basically had everything for it already I figured it wasn't too much of  gamble if it didn't work it - but it DID! Some how this worked at Christmas, but it totally would at a summer picnic too. Yum, I'm already looking forward to eating this again! Here's the link!
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