Christmas 2016 & New Year 2017!

Well a very late Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Vacation ends tomorrow and I'm feeling a confusing mix of nostalgia, sadness, motivation, and laziness, and just plain indifference to all things that I ought to be caring about right now - like this very crispy Christmas tree sitting in front of me. But let me see if I can remember back to the week before Christmas!
Granny (GG) and Aunt Tessa came on Monday and Jen, Grant, and Whit got back from Disneyland on Tuesday (now we have matching sweatshirts!) and it felt like Christmas!

It was a really busy week, Todd worked the whole week, and I had 3 days of work, trying to get all of the normal things done at home that needed doing, plus wrapping presents, and running errands, general Christmas activities and trying to spend as much time with family as we could. We did get to spend every evening together that week, including finally going to see Rogue One...

It was bitterly cold that week, but we had lots of snow which was really fun and it made sure that our Christmas would be white.

This was from Christmas Eve eve - it was probably 8 inches of snow at this point, and other than Carolina not liking any of it, the rest of us had fun being out and enjoying the beauty!

Todd and Whit solidified their friendship with all of the time they got to spend together.

And just like that it was Christmas Eve, it's probably my favorite church service of the year - carols and candles and kids! Liam got to be a magi in the living nativity - he was a very wiggly and chatty one, so it was for the best that the magi come at the end of the Christmas story - but we has excited to do it and we were all excited to see him.

We had our traditional Christmas Eve party with the Curtis' and everybody at Todd's parents, it's always a good time, but we can never stay quite long enough because we have to get these kiddos to bed so Santa can come! We did have enough time to get pictures of them in their matching jammies before we tucked them in. The most fun thing was that Whit (and his parents) spent the night - so Whit slept in Liam's room, Jen & Grant in Lina's room and our kiddos in our room on the floor - which is for the best anyway, that way we know they won't do any sneaking out to peek!

We had a lot of stockings!

We did our best to watch White Christmas after the kids were in bed, but half of us didn't make it :)
And then it was Christmas day! The Knight household came over for breakfast and stocking opening together before heading to church. 
I took all other Christmas pics on my DSLR and so they probably won't make it into this blog because my computer is being a total butt and it basically freezes anytime I try to do anything on it, plus it's totally out of memory, I need to figure out a better solution for storing all of my thousands of pictures from the last 13 years!
Boxing day was our last day with GG & Tessa and I don't know why we didn't take a picture all together with them, or at least with the kids! :( 
Tuesday was full of cleaning and then another little Christmas with Steve & Linda. A date night with our besties Coe & Stephanie on Wednesday, guys night on Thursday, game night with Curtis' on Friday, and NYE with the whole Michaelson fam on Saturday... and finally I started taking pictures again...

I felt under the weather for the last handful of days so I tried to be as lazy as I could be - but I realized that New Year's Day was the first evening in over 2 weeks that we didn't have any plans and the day after was the first whole day we had NO plans at all (until I remembered that Liam had basketball practice at night)... still this is what we've done today:

The last week and a half has been great - we got to spend so much fun, and much needed, time with family and good friends, I read NINE books, watched lots of Christmas movies by the fire, and generally didn't work very hard, I didn't even blog! But as I look back on the whole month of December... where did it go?!?! I hate how fast it goes by, and somehow I'm always left  wishing it could've slowed down and I could've savored it more been more intentional about treasuring the time with my kids - but I know this is perfectly normal for December, it's full of things and then it's over, I know I'm not the only one.
And I'm not ready for a new year. I usually feel so motivated to clean and organize and update and improve! But I just feel meh about it. Maybe it's just that I haven't felt great lately, or maybe it's that I'm feeling bummed about being back to work tomorrow (unless we get anther snow day - FINGERS CROSSED), or maybe it's something else, I don't know. I think I'll go back and read posts from past Januaries (it that the right spelling of a plural January?) maybe I'll get some inspiration, or maybe I'll just  think about it next weekend!
Oh boy, this has been a doozy of a post. I should probably go and deal with my Christmas tree now... or pick up another book :)

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