Weekly: Nov.28 - Dec.4

Ugh, what a first week back. I was tired, and crabby, so crabby, a little depressed. Not pleased to be back at work, or back in Idaho really, back in my messy house with a mountain of laundry to do. I wanted to set up Christmas, but I wanted a few days to do it. I did take a half day off and I felt good about it, but I feel like I may take another before too long. This is the season that I want to savor and enjoy and yet it always feels rushed and too busy and stressful, well not always, but a lot. I'm especially unhappy because I don't start Christmas break until the 22nd! It irritates me to no end! I'd much rather have more time before Christmas than after, but we have a shorter break this year than usual because our school year started later than normal, so I can't complain... haha, but watch me anyway! 
It took some doing but we finally got a tree and got it put up and decorated (I mean this probably took 3 days to accomplish!) and it took the rest of the week to finish the house and get boxes put away. We did get the lights on the house on the one day it was sunny and over 30 degree temps, but they won't come on now.

It all looks very pretty and I love just sitting and enjoying it, if only one didn't need sleep...
The kids were so excited to pull out their Christmas boxes and find pajamas and toys and book and ornaments, etc.

The weekend was full of Christmas shopping and Living Christmas Tree things, not much time to catch up on all of those chores. Ripley's not worried about it, old girl.
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