Weekly: December 5-11

December is in full swing now! With all the decorations up and boxes put away, 90% of gifts purchased, and as of this week all the goodies baked, I am ready for vacation to get here... I still have a week and a half to wait though!!! I'm feeling good today but this last week I was so stressed and crabby, I'm not totally sure why, maybe the December blues, maybe PMS, maybe just feeling the pre-Christmas pressure. I'm looking forward to having a better attitude this week.
This week we had lots of snow - the roads were a mess with ice and slick spots - thankfully  we all remained safe, and the snow was beautiful, so really my only gripe with it was that it didn't give me a snow day. We all thought it would too, which makes it even more sad when it doesn't show up. In pretty typical Idaho fashion, we had a warm fall that kept plants and flowers growing right up until one week it froze and the next it snowed... so there you are.

This was Lina's first time helping make the sugar cookies, she did a nice job - though mostly just wanted to play with the dough for fun.

Warming up while waiting to frost them.

All done! They are always so pretty AND so delicious.

We went to a beautiful wedding for our Pastor's son on Saturday, and like a dunce cap I didn't take any pictures even though we were all dressed up nicely and the reception place was gorgeous - gah!
So instead of nice picture for you - I have this lovely medley of us eating fruitcake and then being grossed out by it... do enjoy.

We always have a nice little Christmas party with Patrick - we have snacks and treats and exchange presents and watch a Christmas movie - we look forward to it every year :)
This coming week will be full - I need to get my class Christmas party together, Lina has her preschool program and her church program as well, I have a lot of Christmas cards to address, and the kids are dying to see some wrapped presents under the tree! I hope you all are enjoying the Christmas season!
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