Weekly: December 12-18

Well last week was a pretty great week. It was the first week in a long time, and especially since holiday season began that we didn't feel harried, overwhelmed, or too busy. Probably due to the SNOW DAY that we had on Friday! But also I got a yucky cold and took a day off of work on Tuesday so I could rest (ie. get Christmas errands and chores done, in my sweats). As far as school went it was not a good week - the kids were CrAzY. I mean way more nuts than they have been this week so far, but I think last week was a full moon too. Anyway it turns out that those 2 days off I had probably saved my sanity.
The temperatures took a drastic dip into the below freezing and into below 0 temps and we had lots of snow, it made every day a possible snow day. It was so bad on Wednesday night that church activities were cancelled, but not Carolina's preschool program! 

She sang her little heart out - as did they all. It was a hoot. I don't think I told you that Carolina's teacher wanted her to be Mary, but she wanted to be a sheep. So there you are. 

She was an extremely cute sheep though - and she did great at her speaking part! I was disappointed at first, but afterwards I was glad she got to do the part she wanted and was excited about.

Here are some vids of the program for your enjoyment and daily dose of the giggles...

Because it had been so snowy and yucky for the last 2 weeks I was NOT expecting to get the snow day call at 5:30 on Friday morning, but when I heard my phone buzz, I sat up and said "It's happening!" to Todd, who wasn't as thrilled as I was. Then I texted my friends who had also got the call and had a little "yay us!" Facebook party with my co-workers... at 5:30, so it was a little hard to go back to sleep :)
The kids played out in it for about 10 minutes and were done, it was really really cold and very powdery, so not great for making snowmen or snowballs or snowforts. Snow angels worked though.

And hot chocolate was necessary.

Since we've no place to go, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

We took advantage of a free Saturday to finally go see Moana! So cute!

On Sunday we went out for lunch for Steve's birthday and got to check out the mall on the last weekend before Christmas, there weren't many parking spots. 
Carolina also had her Sunday school Christmas program, it was cute but I didn't get as much good footage to share. 
This feels like one of the snowiest and coldest Decembers we've had... ever! I should look it up! I'm not a fan of temps like these, but at least we will still have a white Christmas!

Oh my goodness! I just realized that my next weekly blog will be after Christmas! That's crazy! I can't believe it's so soon!!!! I am ready to be DONE with school and get to Christmas relaxing! My days off certainly gave me a nice taste of that Christmasy goodness, but now I'm ready to eat it all up!
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