About: Christmastime Disneyland Day!

It's not hard to wake up early when it's for Disneyland! So we were up and at'em early and through the gates the minute as soon as it opened! the lines were as short as I've ever seen them, a good sign!
The guys ran to get FastPasses and Steph and I took the kids to Fantasyland...via the Christmasy castle :)

We basically ran straight on everything in that first 3.5 hours - the lines were short for everything but Peter Pan and it's a small world. We were so happy that the kids got to go on everything they wanted and we didn't have to test their patience to get them done! While the group went on Big Thunder I took Carolina (who still will not ride coasters) and waited in a very long line at the Mint Julep Bar so I could get some of these babies... Candy Cane Mickey Mouse Beignets. And a mint julep of course. Can I tell you they taste even better than they look. Oh heavens!
We also lucked right into Santa Clause back in Critter Country without a line at all! Carolina still wouldn't sit with Santa - but this was Liam's first time feeling brave enough to, so I still have hope for her. He isn't looking at me for the picture, but it's so cute anyway!
As we were finishing up with Santa, the rain started in. We headed to small world, but line was still about 45 minutes and by that time it was raining harder so we didn't want to stand in it that long, I can't exactly remember where we were headed, but the Christmas parade was just starting so we decided to deal with the dampness and enjoy it, the kids probably didn't even realize they were wet.
Afterwards we decided a nice dinner indoors was a good idea - so for the first time ever we ate at the Plaza Inn, which is renown for it's fried chicken. It was a lot of food, even though we shared we couldn't finish it all... because well, Yule Log also happened. 
We probably stayed in there for an hour and a half, drying out, and resting our feet, and kind of waiting for the Paint the Night Parade... which was cancelled due to rain and the fireworks as well - bummer. I love the Christmas fireworks show. 

So we decided it was time to do small world for better or worse, it was the one last thing that Stephanie and the kids really wanted to do - and because the rain had cleared so many people out it was a 5 minute wait! Isaac fell asleep on it :) The rest of us loved it. It's just extra pretty on the inside and extra EXTRA beautiful on the outside - the light show they do every so often is so fun too. 

The rain was on and off misting, but generally not a bother at that point. If the stroller hadn't been soaked from the rain the Michaelson's probably could've stayed a bit longer, but Isaac was passed out so they headed out and we stayed an extra hour or so. I just soaked in the loveliness of a shiny, bright, and largely empty park.
Just look at this, isn't she a beauty? The music and the lights and the crisp air - it really felt so magical and Christmasy. We need to go back at Christmastime again soon.

We got one more snack, looked in one more store, grabbed one more coffee, took one more look and said goodnight and goodbye. Always the saddest part.

 You hate to go, but love to see it when you leave.

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