Weekly: Oct. 31-Nov. 6

Halloween is always so rushed and kind of stressful for me, but this year I stayed home to sit by the fire and pass out candy and let Todd take the kids out. I got to see them trick-or-treat at the grandparents and called it good. And as soon as the kids went to bed I started up a Hallmark Christmas movie - yay! 

And the very next day it was time to get ready for Thanksgiving - I took down Halloween decorations and Liam and I disguised his turkey for school - it's a 2nd grade tradition. He had written "pizza guy" on it and glued a piece of cardboard box on, not a bad idea, but also not well done or disguised. So we asked Google for some help and he decided to truly disguise his turkey as a snowman - we had everything we needed so boom! He turned out really cute.

The rest of the week was pretty chill - we hung out at home a lot, went out to dinner with friends, Liam had a playdate, and went out to enjoy the crisp sunshiny weather...it's my favorite kind.

I'm trying to relax before Parent-Teacher Conferences this week, they are fun but exhausting - the good part is that I get Friday of though - and so does Todd since it is Veteran's Day! It will be our last weekend before vacation, so anything that we have to get done or ready, will need to happen then. I can't believe it's this close to Thanksgiving, maybe because the weather has been so nice and relatively warm, or because it just doesn't feel like we're that late in the year yet, crazy. 
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