Weekly: November 7-13

Well if this wasn't the craziest of crazy weeks!!! Between day-light savings, election Tuesday, hair appointment, doctors appointment, parent teacher conferences, and my car breaking down - I think it's an understatement to say that I was ready for a 3-day weekend. I wasn't ready for the $600 car bill though, dangit. Merry Christmas to us.
On Friday we had a family day out getting doughnuts, hanging out in BoDo a little, and then some Christmas shopping, and lunch from Chick-fil-A at the park. The weather was just gorgeous, upper 60s and sunny. Perfect park weather. Saturday was full of the kind of errands we had to do around Nampa and lots of cleaning, with the understanding that we won't be here next weekend to do any of it! Sunday we had a little Thanksgiving dinner with my family - it was simple and delicious and fun. At some point during lunch fall arrived. The sun went away and the clouds and chill came over. We took a little walk around the neighborhood and I forced Carolina to stop racing so I could take her picture. It's a little awkward, but you can see how dang cute she looked. I want to cut her hair, it's so long and gets easily danged (or chewed on), but when it's done up and curled it's so so pretty. We'll see what I decide once we get to the hair dressers. 
Speaking of, I chopped my hair off, it's 6-7 inches and not entirely what I wanted. I had a minor panic attack when she took that first chop of hair off. I'm not really used to it, and not sure I like it yet, but I got so many sincere sweet compliments that I figure maybe I should go ahead and decide I like it. 
I've been TERRIBLE about taking pictures lately. But I know for a fact that next week it'll be real easy! If I do post next week it will be from Southern California! We were going to drive down Saturday, but with the change in weather it looks like we may drive half way on Friday after school and finish Saturday, just in case we do encounter any road issues. Even though my car is fixed there are more troubles on the horizon so the mechanic recommended we not take it although we were planning on it. Pray for safe travels for us! I just CAN'T believe this is our last week before Thanksgiving break - this fall has flown by, as it always done (and I'm somehow always surprised). 
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