Weekly: September 26 - Oct. 2

I think last week may have been the unofficial end to summer, it hit 90+ degrees. I was not impressed. And the pool was closed, although it was hot enough that Carolina got in one more time anyway. Oh, and she washed all of the pumpkins for Papa.

Last week also finally felt like the first normal work week for me. I'm still working far too late (and by that I mean 4:30), but it didn't feel so frantic and crazy. It was a pretty good week overall really. But the weekend was where it was at. We went to one of Ridgeview's football games so we could see Brad's marching band. This was my only request:
Yes, football nachos. It was an absolutely gorgeous evening! And because it had been a hot day, the temp by this time couldn't be beat.
And that view, I mean...

Saturday our goal was to stay home all day and just relax / clean... but at about noon I got the bug to plan a party! We were already having a party, but my plans for it consisted of the following: cake. The end. But as soon as I decided I needed a theme and hit up Pinterest I was in a frenzy of pulling together a cohesive and cute little 5-year-old-style-party. It was fun. We celebrated Linda's birthday and then put our little 4 year old to bed for the last time...

And she woke up 5! She had requested Cracker Barrel and dressed herself as a cat for the occasion. Who am I to say no on her birthday?! We had breakfast and then sent the kids off to church while we finished preparing for the party.

After church, we and the grandparents met at the zoo per Carolina's other request - she wanted to be the "leader" and enjoyed herself tremendously with lots of requests to "take a picture of me".

The tiger and the patas monkey baby were the best part.

Liam was there too, in case you were worried :)

We headed straight back home and met everyone for cake, snacks, and presents. I'll share party pics in a seperate post... but here is a sneak peak: 

And, because it's a tradition since the fall that we moved into this house - we marked both kids heights on the little wall between their bedrooms. I always wanted something like this as a kid, but we moved a lot, and I knew it wasn't a thing we could do. I don't know how long we will live in this house, but we will treasure this little spot for as long as we do. 

So many things happening this week - kids start activities at the rec, I have a bunch of post-party errands to run, plus I never planned and shopped for our meals this week. haircut, book study, gonna get that walk in this week right?, and a kids sleepover with Grandma while I enjoy a girls evening - Yay!

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