Weekly: October 3-9

I was tired this week people. I had a lot of blogging to do this week and not a bit of it got done, because as soon as I got home from wherever I didn't have the energy to do anything but sit. It was a blessing that it was 4-day workweek for me. I was DONE by Thursday. As evidence, I took this picture on Monday - Carolina's first day of gymnastics, a birthday present from Nana and Poppa (note the undies sticking out the bottom! so cute) ... Oh and Liam started a STEM class too, no pictures of that though.

and then, it's Friday. There are a lot of pics of Carolina because on Friday - my day off - Liam went with Papa rock hunting all day long and Lina and I had a girls day together. We started out by building her Beauty and the Beast Lego castle (Santa bring us more of these! We had so much fun!).

Then we went to Starbucks (at her request, honestly) so she could get a cake pop and a vanilla milk with some birthday money - and of course shopped around Target and had a grand time.

Later we played Uno and painted toenails. Then I took this one just because she looked so cute and grown-up all packed and waiting for Grandma to come get her for a sleepover.

And Grandma took this one during s'mores time - they had a grand time (but they just look so old!)

We are so blessed that our kids can grow up near all of their grandparents - a luxury that neither Todd nor I had. Pastor Scott's sermon yesterday reminded me what a ministry that they are giving to us by being present in our lives, especially the kiddos. 
Here goes another busy week with something on the calendar every day after school this week AND weekend, it's just that time of year when things really start to pick up and time flies until Christmas (I was very pumped to see Christmas decor at Target this week!)  - life is good!

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