Weekly: October 17-23

You guys I don't even know what happened this week. I was tired, realllllly tired. I worked - tired, went home - tired, went to church/class/rec center - tired. I finally found my energy Friday (which is the opposite of what usually happens) and stayed up late cleaning so that I could get a jump start on it before Saturday. We enjoyed a doughnut birthday party, lunch out in Boise, Trader Joe's, mall shopping, and the end of Grant's rugby game. It was another perfect day in Boise. We just enjoyed being carefree and being out together. And I can't think of a dang thing else of note to share.
Oh, 4 weeks until Disneyland :-)
Just a few random pictures...
Beautiful double rainbow during a crazy rainstorm earlier this week.

I like that I get to buy stickers, and they are a tax write-off :)

Just look at that sunshine!
Liam reading to Lina (*her wave*)
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