Weekly: October 10-16

It was just one of those weeks that got away from me while I was trying to get every to-do on my list done. And while I actually did a pretty good job of it, I set at the beginning of another week totally exhausted and unmotivated to do it again. That fall break thing that other school districts do, it seems like a really good idea. 
The only thing I remember of note about last week is that I finally found my rhythm at school so I actually get to leave on time WITH my work done! The weekend was much more interesting- we got to spend time with our fav family friends, got our family pics taken, decorated for Halloween (minimal- not scary), and one kid got sick and puked in true my-children fashion. Carolina this time. And why do they always start on Saturday evening, without fail? She was fine by yesterday morning, but her parents were bone tired. Fingers crossed nobody else gets it!
We are enjoying the beautiful fall weather (even the rain) - I hope fall lasts a long time this year! Here comes another (hopefully a little less) busy week!
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