Weekly: October 24-30

Fall was beautiful this week, it sure doesn't last very long, so we have to enjoy it. The trees were all pretty and lots of them starting to lose their leaves. They will probably all be bare by next week.

Liam is in the holiday spirit and has been making LOTS of decorations for the house :)

We went to our Harvest Festival at church on Wednesday night, the kids were so excited they could hardly stand it, they did a good job of letting me take pictures first.

And inside we found Whit, so they are Tinkerbell, Peter Pan, and Tick-Tock Croc - I bought Todd a Captain Hook hook but he wouldn't wear it.

The week was crazy and fast - just as the month has been - hard to believe tomorrow is November! We went to Boise on Saturday to get Halloween donuts from
Guru. Boise is my favorite in the fall.

How cute is this donut too! Orange Cardamom with Apple Cinnamon Crumble... vampire.

Saturday marked Liam's one-year anniversary of asking Jesus into his heart - my sweet mom marked it into her calendar or I would've never remembered it. The grandparents took him (and us) out to his choice of restaurant and gave him his first Bible. It was so great - he was kind of speechless, he wasn't expecting such a big deal to be made out of it.

After lunch we ran to Target and this happened...

And Sunday night we had our annual (mostly) pumpkin carving with the Knight side.

+ Patrick :)

Carolina picked a cat face for "our" pumpkin. The girl who's proclaimed favorite activity is playing in mud, wouldn't touch pumpkin guts.

And Liam picked a spooky face for his and Todd's.

Look how cute they all turned out! 

It's such a blessing to be near family and to be able to have special meals together and get-togethers, activities, celebrations. My kids have a much different growing up experience than I did, and I need to remember to not take these opportunities for granted.
In other news - we will be in California 3 weeks from now! This school week is a short week because of grading, next week is short because of conferences, and the week after that we'll be celebrating Thanksgiving and telling kids goodbye for a whole week off! I. Can't. Wait. Not only am I ready for Christmas now, but I'm ready for a break too. 
Trick-or-Treating tonight and Christmas music tomorrow!

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