Weekly: September 5-11

I do love a three-day weekend. It was so nice to have Monday off, and then a short work week. We were super lazy on Monday. Went out to lunch, kids played and Todd and I laid on the couch and watched either 4 or 5 episodes of Justified. It was oh-so-carefree. The week at school wasn't bad either, one not-so-great day, but overall I felt it couldn't have been much better - as far as second weeks go. Of course yesterday I got the Sunday blues again. Oh yeh, that's what going back-to-work really feels like. I just generally feel cranky on Sundays. Even though I had done as many chores as I could do on Saturday (minus the laundry, because the washer decided to break Saturday night- it's always something, isn't it?), I still felt overwhelmed on Sunday and certainly like I didn't have a shot at getting my day of rest. That's why you need that third day - one day to do housework, one day to run errands and go out, and one day to just stay home and do nuthin'. Wouldn't it be nice...

But back to the week:
Little miss had her first day of preschool - what a sweet little lady...

I found her first day pic from last year as well... It was clearly a little warmer, and I hadn't gotten around to getting out fall things yet - but you can see by the door how she has grown!

My sweet cousin Megan and her baby Ansley came to stay for a night. What a treat getting to see her twice (well really 3x) in one year! And it doesn't hurt my feelings to get to hold and play with such a happy baby.

We had gorgeous weather all week - 70's and sunny. It warmed up a bit to the low 80's for the weekend so we had what will probably be our last swim (although not Carolina quite yet, because she will definitely be wanting to take a dip when she's at Grandma's the next few Tuesdays). 

Fall, or almost-fall, in Idaho is maybe my favorite time of the year. This is arguable, since I'll likely say that any season is my favorite right at the beginning of it. But fall is so beautiful. I randomly took 2 sunflower pictures... one just from the side of the road as I was sitting in traffic. 

And one from Steve's garden. His garden is always something to see - but I love to see how it changes throughout spring, summer, and fall.

Well other than some school work that I procrastinated until I ran out of time - I feel ready for the week. I got the week planned out including meals, and groceries ready to go for those. Dinner with my Uncle Gary tonight, buying a new washer with the kids (and I presume Chick-fil-a while were there) on Tuesday since Todd works late, women's group on Wednesday, and Thursday is just biding ones time until Friday - am I right? It will be over in a flash I think. Looking forward to more beautiful cooler weather to enjoy. 
(Psst: 10 weeks till Disneyland!!!)

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