Weekly: Sept. 12-18

And that's it. That's all I have for the week, and only because yesterday morning I told myself "you should probably take a picture today so you have something to post." This picture pretty well sums up the week though. The kids have played so so well together lately. Lots and lots of Legos happening. This was 8:30 am after they spent the night together and were told to not make noise/leave their rooms until 8:00... The weather was nice so I got them to play outside a few times, Lina is more a fan than Liam. He will scooter for a bit, or play basketball with Todd, or play with the neighbor boys, but on his own/with Carolina he doesn't last very long. However what Liam has been doing LOTS is reading. He's more into it now than I've ever seen him before, and he's always kind of been into it. He was saving his allowance for a new Lego, but spent $10 of it on 3 new books chapter books, and read them all in a day and a half. A kid after my own heart. He also got well over the end-of-year second grade reading goal on his first IRI, so nothing to worry about there. But his classroom behavior could be a little better.
As I type this I'm also getting distracted by going through email, Babes in Disneyland blog, the bills and receipts in front of me, and a text conversation. So forgive me if any of this turns on to be rambly and weird. That pretty much sums up my life right now too. I feel like the back-to-school craziness has died down now that we are 3 weeks in, but that doesn't mean that I'm all caught up on my work or anything. I still stay at work typically an hour+ later than I have to every day. But the hectic/frantic feeling has past. I was gone for 2 days to a conference, just here in town, but my class definitely took a step back in the behavior department with the sub. They are good kids and I think we'll get it back, I just can't let my guard down with these kiddos, gotta stay on my toes. In other "fun" weekly news, I have been having a little jaw and tooth pain so I went to the dentist with a very nervous tummy, but was told that I have issues with clenching my jaw and grinding my teeth so I'm creating cracks in my teeth. I'm supposed to massage and ice my jaw and wear a nightguard to protect my teeth. I was fine with that diagnosis, but after wearing my nightguard for several nights, my whole mouth aches everytime I chew anything, even gum. I'm not pleased. I did meet my weekly goal on making dinners AND going to women's group at church though, this week I'll see if I can add in a walk.
Carolina had a good week at school, practiced the color yellow, got her memory work started, and get to go on a field trip to the fire station today. Pre-school sounds pretty awesome. Oh, and her birthday is in 2 WEEKS! I can't believe it, and yet she's felt like a 5 year old for a long time now. I suppose I should start party planning?!
And Todd's job continues to suck. That's about all going on in his life. He's contemplating getting his masters degree this winter, it wouldn't so much help him where he works now, but it would him get a job in the private sector or in another state that required a masters to practice social work.. 
Well that was our week. This one looks to be our last week of weather in the 80's and is the last week of the pool. I'm ready for cooler temps for sure!
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