Weekly: August 29 - Sept 4

We survived. It wasn't perfect... it wasn't anything like last year's first week back (yes, I went back and read my post, I shouldn't have tortured myself like that), but we made it OK, and we didn't have to cry ourselves to sleep any night.The kids in my class all seem really sweet, just a very different group though. Did you know I didn't even have a back-to-school dream (I call them nightmares)? I have every.single.year. Except for this one. I blame my last class for being so amazing. But we'll see, maybe I will tonight ;-) 
Liam looks so tall here, doesn't he? More like a 3rd or 4th grader to me. Especially compared to his last two first day pictures. This year is so surreal. considering I started in the 2nd grade the year this school opened, and two years before he was born. My water broke with him, in that 2nd grade room, and now he's in there as a student. Not in my class, but he may well be for some of the time before the year is out.

We were pretty wiped every night last week. My only plans for the evening were: couch, sleep, that's it. My mom made us dinner two nights and then we ate leftovers or take-out for the rest of the week. It was a smart choice. Can't pile on too many things at once. This week I'll start making dinners again, next week book study, and then maybe the week after that I'll add in exercise. One step at a time, right? 
The kids were so cute, everyday that we came home they would run right upstairs and play until bedtime. This weekend they crashed as well, finally pooped out, but that's allowed.

I had morning duty last week, September 1st, so I got myself my first Pumpkin Spice Latte to drink on the playground, and was met by the most beautiful sunrise...

I can't be mad about duty when I have that to watch. And the forecast made me even happier... just look at those 70's. I love this time of year, it never lasts long enough. 

The flowers in Steve's garden aren't quite ready for summer to end yet though...

Our weekend was very relaxed, other than the projectile puke Liam had Saturday middle-of-the-night. He did it in his sleep, and it was everywhere. I spent the next two days doing laundry. But, it meant all Sunday plans were cancelled.. except for football... that's never cancelled. He was fine, but man it was a mess. I felt sick earlier in the week, so either he got it from me, or it was a result of too much party food. He kind of has a sensitive stomach I think.

Notre Dame didn't win, in case you were wondering, but I think they had fun anyway. 
Carolina is obsessed with her birthday, asks how soon it is. And it pains me to say it's less than a month now. How can she be 5 already? That's a big kid! That's kindergarten age! I can't handle it. She's so cute though. She ran errands all over the place with me with weekend, and was just so much fun. 
Man I wish we had another day. I will say that being back at work does have some benefits (we have to look for the silver linings right?) - namely I appreciate weekends and evenings so much more, and feel like I actually relax more than the summer. I'm sure that's not true, but it does kind of feel like it... I read a whole book this weekend - imagine! I just don't take my time off for granted so much, I enjoy staying home more, and I feel more patient with the kids too.
Week 2 is always a far different story from week 1, so I'm praying for wisdom and strength to get me through - could be better, might not be, so we shall see.
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